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MAP of Hamilton

List of airports near Hamilton
Plymouth (United States of America), Nantucket (United States of America), Shirley (United States of America), Fargo (United States of America), Providence (United States of America)

List of seaports near Hamilton
Freeport (Bermuda), St George's (Bermuda), Plymouth (United States of America), Nantucket Harbor (United States of America), Block Island (United States of America)

Seaport of Hamilton
Seaport Detail
Port Authority: Department of Marine and Port Services
Address: PO Box HM 180 Hamilton Bermuda
Phone: 441 295 6575
Fax: 441 295 3718
Web Site: 
Latitude: 32º 16' 59' N
Longitude: -64º -46' 0' W
Port Type: Seaport
Port Size: Medium
Max Draft: 7.92 m

Harbor Characteristics
Harbor Size: Small
Shelter: Excellent
Maximum Vessel Size: Over 500 feet in length
Harbor Type: Coastal Natural
Turning Area: Yes
Good Holding Ground: No

Entrance Restrictions
Tide: No
Overhead Limit: No
Swell: No
Other: Yes

Water Depth
Channel: 26 - 30 feet or 7.1 - 9.1 meters
Cargo Pier: 16 - 20 feet or 4.9 - 6.1 meters
Mean Tide: 2 feet
Anchorage: 36 - 40 feet or 11 - 12.2 meters
Oil Terminal: 31 - 35 feet or 9.4 - 10 meters

Compulsory: Yes
Available: Yes
Advisable: Yes
Local Assist: Yes

Assist: Yes
Salvage: No

Pratique: Yes
Other: Yes
Deratt Cert: Yes

Telephone: Yes
Radio: Yes
Air: Yes
Telegraph: Yes
Radio Tel: Yes

Loading & Unloading
Wharves: Yes

Lifts & Cranes
100+ Ton Lifts: Yes
50-100 Ton Lifts: Yes
Fixed Cranes: Yes
Mobile Cranes: Yes

Port Services
Longshore: Yes
Electrical Repair: Yes
Steam: Yes
Electrical: Yes
Navigation Equipment: Yes

Provisions: Yes
Fuel Oil: Yes
Deck: Yes
Water: Yes
Diesel Oil: Yes
Engine: Yes

Repairs, Drydock, Railway & Other Services
Ship Repairs: Limited
Marine Railroad Size: Small
Garbage Disposal: Yes
Dirty Ballast: No

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