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International cargo transportation for logistics companies  


International cargo transportation

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There have been recent changes to the levies imposed by the Papua New Guinea National Maritime Safety Authority (NMSA). Fundamentally, some new levies have been introduced and existing levies have increased, particularly the Regulatory Functions levy, that is now being applied on a voyage and vessel size basis. The rationale for the changes by the NMSA reflects their funding requirements to carry out projects within the NMSA remit. The changes to the levies apply to all international shipping lines that call in PNG.Swire Shipping will continue to work at minimizing the impact of these fee changes which represent a significant increase in existing charges but as statutory levy, the increases will need to be borne as a cost against the cargo.

The new levies are in place at the time of writing and Swire Shipping will introduce an NMSA surcharge on all imports and exports to recover these cost imposts.

The surcharge will be PGK81.00 / 20' container, PGK162.00 / 40' container and PGK3.85 / rt and will be effective on all vessels arriving in PNG on or after the 01 Aug 2007.

2007-07-23Swire Shipping

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