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International cargo transportation

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Evergreen, Lloyd Triestino and Hatsu Marine fulfil US Customs Service C-TPAT Security Profile

Evergreen America Corp, agents for Evergreen, Lloyd Triestino and Hatsu Marine, has received notification that its Supply Chain Security Profile has fulfilled US Customs requirements for participation in the Customs-Trade Participation Against Terrorism (C-TPAT).

The letter from US Customs to Evergreen America President Thomas Chen said:

"You are contributing to the security of our borders and to the continued free flow of international trade. The participation of Evergreen America Corp is but the first important step in what promises to be a sustained effort to meet the challenge posed by the terrorist threat to the United States."

The letter, signed by Jaysen P Ahern, Assistant Commissioner of the Office of Field Operations, also acknowledged the carriers' responsibility in establishing their own "complete and detailed security plan for Customs to review upon request."

Thomas Chen said: "As responsible members of the world shipping community, the Evergreen alliance stepped forward very early in the C-TPAT initiative to ensure its support and to take a leadership role in this matter. All three carriers are especially proud to be part of this vital programme."

In the process, Customs will assign each carrier an Account Manager, encourage each carrier to set up security programmes which will be reviewed by the agency, and provide yearly assessments to all participants.


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