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Logistics in Puerto Prodeco

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South America  >  Colombia  >  Puerto Prodeco  
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MAP of Puerto Prodeco

List of airports near Puerto Prodeco
Santa Marta (Colombia), Barranquilla (Colombia), Cartagena (Colombia), San Fernando, CA (United States of America), Covenas (Colombia)

List of seaports near Puerto Prodeco
Pozos Colorados (Colombia), Santa Marta (Colombia), Barranquilla (Colombia), Cartagena (Colombia), Muelles El Bosque (Colombia)

Seaport of Puerto Prodeco
Seaport Detail
Latitude: 11º 9' 0' N
Longitude: -74º -13' 0' W
Max Draft: 0 m

TRANSPORT OFFERS in Puerto Prodeco
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CARGO OFFERS in Puerto Prodeco
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